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Looks like this idea of having cart and vending machine franchises never left me. On my way to Cignal this afternoon, I have met a lady who is around 50 years old. She approached me while I was waiting for the guy from Cignal and handed over a leaflet. She is into cart franchise and vending machine business.

I suddenly remembered the one day “cart” adventure I had with Iris and Gab. Sorry photos have already been deleted by Imageshack. That time I was really planning to get one but then I had a hard time finding the perfect location plus I got too busy preparing for our travel to India. In short, I didn’t have enough time to do it all by myself and when I got back I was luckily hired and went back to the corporate world. While I was at the peak of my employment, I was blessed with another child so I decided to leave my job. I also had a sensitive pregnancy. With all these turn of events, I felt that maybe it isn’t the time yet for me to start a business. Right now, I am also enjoying my job and I guess I still need an ample time to venture into a business or something similar.

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