Ear Protection for Your Baby

best ear protection for shootingOne of the most common, yet often ignored issues with newborns and infants, is the safety of their sensitive senses, such as eye sight, feeling, taste, and hearing. Senses is actually a deviation from the word sensitive, because of the relation of the origins of these words, and just how susceptible they are.

Until babies build a bit of fortitude, it can often times be very taxing on them to endure influences from the outside world, and parents often times take for granted that they can permanently damage their young ones, just doing day to day processes, simply because they don’t realize the massive difference in what they take in versus their babies. No sense is more susceptible in this regard, than hearing.

Parents should take extra precautions to ensure that their kids have the proper hearing protection, whether that means to just keep them inside, or purchasing ear protection, or hearing aids. These can have large differences in both type, quality, and purpose. Some ear protection is meant solely for day to day use, and has softens the tone of low frequency noises. Other protection is there to be used against more extreme frequency levels, such as loud cars, mowers, and the shooting of guns. The best ear protection for shooting are full range, active ear muffs, that completely dampen incoming sound.

On the other hand, for day to day use, passive ear muffs are often the best solution, because they allow some noise in, while still allowing the child to hear other noises, such as spoken words, music, and important dialogue. Obviously you shouldn’t shut your child from the world, and hearing is an important source of information that will allow your baby to learn quickly.

For this reason, look into purchasing electronic ear muffs. These are more expensive, but they have processors which quickly will dampen noises within a certain range, and allow other noises in. Some of the best brands on the market include ProEars, Howard Leight, and Surefire, which manufacture and distribute affordable, multi-faceted muffs. On the other hand 3M Peltor is probably the most common, quality brand when it comes to protection against the highest frequency sources such as guns.

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Best Baby Strollers For Shopping

best baby strollersWhen it comes to going out, there are a few options. For instance, you can choose to use baby carriers, a travel system, walk with them in your arm, or use strollers. Not going to lie, but if you aren’t doing any but the latter, your in trouble. The best baby stroller has a few essentials that you absolutely have to have, and the best double strollers top that off with several more essentials(the more babies, the more problems).

Using Standard Strollers

Standard strollers are a great go to, because they are durable, light, and can be very versatile. In essence, they serve as a mini station where you can store not only your little one, but items such as purses, car keys, cell phones, and much more. They also have the great benefit of being compact, so you can store these in your car, your closet, or even your attic and wait another generation before use.

When looking at these, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, is cost. Strollers can get very costly, very quickly. Don’t get me wrong, your baby is well worth it, however, there is no sense in you pulling out all of the stops just to purchase a stroller without having any sense about it.

The second, is durability. Strollers are durable, although the more lightweight umbrella strollers may need an extra eye taken towards being taken care of.

Finally, look at the accessories, such as space, having a sun visor, and the adjustability. Many parents use travel systems to cut down on costs, but these can be major headaches if you don’t pick a good one which accommodates for the delay in transitioning from car seat, to buggy, etc.

Double Stroller Guidecrossing the street

Of course, its rare that you see parents sticking with just one child, and they might have several little guys running around. Is this you? Have you ever tried pushing two buggy’s at once? Its impossible. Luckily, a smart guy came along and invented the double stroller, so now you can store your children in these(up to 4 for the larger models), and it saves a major headache.

When looking at these, your main concern should be durability and comfort. There is going to be a lot of action taking place inside, so price and versatility takes a back seat here.

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Using Baby Bouncers to Get the Most Out of Your Down Time

Everybody knows that we don’t get a lot of down time as moms to do what we want to do. We have too many chores, and little ones to take care of. Luckily, there are gizmos and gadgets that help us, such as baby bouncers. Here are some pics of some of the best baby bouncers. They are super fun!

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Check Out this Stroller Guide

Check Out this neat video on some of the best baby strollers on the market

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